"Rinse" - Our Pressure-Washing Services

1. Gutter/Fascia Cleaning.
Whether your house has a metal fascia or a gutter system, unsightly black streaks can develop on it. These streaks are caused by asphalt from your shingles that form an ionic bond with the metal. That's why basically nothing can get those stubborn stains out. We have a special, plant-safe chemical that is able to dissolve that bond and greatly improve the gutter's appearance. The first photo shows removal of "tiger stripes" (black asphaltic streaks - in our photo, they don't appear as "stripes" because the whole gutter has been blackened because so many stripes developed). The second photo shows cleaning of algae/dirt.Removing tiger strips from gutter Removing algae/dirt from gutter

2. House Siding/Brick Cleaning.
Over time, algae and dirt can develop on the sides of your home.

Pressure-washing a brick chimney

3. Driveway/Sidewalk Cleaning.
We also provide pressure-washing of concrete surfaces, such as driveways and sidewalks.

Pressure-washing a sidewalk
Fancy Concrete Cleaning

4. Roof Cleaning.
Ever seen those black algae streaks on the north faces of people's roofs? We can clean them off with a plant-safe, color-safe oxygen bleach!

You may also visit the pictures for this roof-cleaning job at our Google+ page:

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