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  • Asphalt Shingle Recycling Facility Tour (by Brad Caldwell) Posted Mar 6, 2014.
    How easy is shingle recycling? For the roofing contractor, it's as ease as dumping your shingles at the right spot.

  • What's Wrong with Google Maps? (by Brad Caldwell) Posted Feb. 18, 2014.
    An article, with picture-slideshows, showing a couple suggested improvements for Google Maps.

How to Measure for a Re-Roof (by Brad Caldwell) Posted Feb. 1, 2014.
An in-depth look at how to measure for a re-roof. Euclidean geometric formulas, waste factors, aerial photos - more than you wanted to know!

Spanish for Roofing and Construction (by Brad Caldwell) Posted Feb. 11, 2014.
Our old PDF document has been revamped into a real webpage - replete with a vocabulary-word-slideshow, pictures, and better formatting.

Maximize Your Business Mileage Writeoff! (by Brad Caldwell) Posted Jan. 11, 2014
Take a crash course in a new, novel and technology-based approach to journaling your business mileage. I'm next-to-positive you've never thought of this!

Fixing Rust, Acid, Oil, and Gas Stains Left on Concrete (by Brad Caldwell)
See various solutions field-tested in removing rust stains, and get briefed on removing other stains as well!

The Importance of Proper Wall Flashing (by Brad Caldwell)
Wall flashing is critical to install correctly. See poor flashing replaced correctly. See the importance of the flashing's "cigar roll."

  • Ask or Answer Home Improvement Questions! (a StackExchange website)
    This is a good place for really technical questions. Lots of people appear to use it also.
  • Chimney Flashing ("Counterflashing") (by Dennis Crookshanks)
    An article on how to install roof flashing for a brick chimney/wall. He also has other nice articles on wall flashing for stone/brick.
  • The "Equipter" - a Mobile Dumpster (by Robert Andrews)
    Read about a piece of equipment for easily removing shingles during a re-roof.
  • Spanish Primer for Roofing and Construction (by Brad Caldwell) PDF Format
    Brush up your Spanish skills for roofing (and other construction trades) with this primer course.
  • Asphalt Roofing Installation Primer (by Tim Carter)
    Very well-written; Tim Carter is an expert on all-things-construction. His "" website is excellent.
  • Mastering Roof Inspections (by NACHI)
    Very comprehensive; more appropriate for roofers than homeowners; covers everything from determining hail damage to proper flashing to proper valley procedures to types of roofing, all in 145 very well-written articles. I have gathered some of the best facts out of these articles and condensed them on my "Roof" page.
  • Top Four Typical Causes of Roof Problems (by Charles Catalfano)
    Good diagram; not very complete; poorly written.
  • Four Ways To Shingle A Valley (by Mike Guertin)
    Well-written. Current link only shows last two of the four ways, and leaves out the preparation aspects. The full article was originally from Fine Homebuilding. By the way, the four methods are:
    • Open Valley (You see the metal)
    • Woven Valley (The shingles "weave" together at the valley)
    • Closed-Cut Valley (One side laps way over; the other side is cut off)
    • Long Island Valley, or "California-Cut Valley" (Same as "Closed-Cut," but places a 'starter' course of shingles in line with the valley axis; this one looks and works the best, in my opinion)
    • Open Valley
    • Woven Valley
    • Closed-Cut Valley
    • Long Island Valley
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