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1. Privacy Policy
This website may intermittently use Google re-marketinging to target ads to previous visitors of this site. In other words, if you visit this site, Google may choose, later on, to show you an ad of this site on some other website. It is merely a way of giving potential customers a second chance to visit our site before they make a decision on roof repair. It stores no sensitive information, and may be opted-out-of, as discussed below.

2. Extent of Ads.
Google and other third-party vendors show our ads on various sites on the internet.

3. Use of Cookies.
Google and other third-party vendors use cookies to serve these ads based on an individual's previous visit(s) to this website.

4. Opting-Out.
Visitors may opt-out of Google's use of cookies here ( They may also opt-out of third-party vendors' use of cookies here (

5. Display Advertising/Interests/Demographics.
Google Analytics works with display advertising and provides general information about users' demographics and interests. As in note 4, you may opt out of this here ( There is a browser add-on (compatible with Chrome, Firefox, IE, Safari, and Opera) that will prevent your data from being collected and used by Google Analytics, obtainable here.

6. Final Disclaimer.
This site will not facilitate the merging of personally-identifiable information with non-personally identifiable information previously collected from Display Advertising features that is based on the DoubleClick cookie unless we have robust notice of, and your prior affirmative (i.e., opt-in) consent to, that merger.

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